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Stylistically perfect framings for your motives.

Framing means to apply an ideal frame for your motive, choosing from materials such as wood, aluminium or plastic material.

The ideal frame including a passe-partout (photo mount) depends on your motive. But the most important aspect for construction and framing is the place where you would like to hang your picture.


We stock a large variety of frames to guarantee the stylistically perfect framing of your motive. We can offer you over 300 different mouldings, which can be lacquered in our own factory due to your wishes. If we should need other mouldings, we will buy them from subcontractors all over Europe.

With state of the art precision tools, we cut the mouldings to size and glue them by hand. In order to enhance the stability of the corners, we attach a metal angle behind every corner.


A passe-partout underlines the aesthetic effect of your picture and adds additional space for the frame. Furthermore, the motive can be looked upon with a better effect of depth.

The right colour is the most important factor. Depending on a brighter or darker colour of the passe-partout, the viewer gets the impression that the motive is nearer or further away.

We can offer you passe-partouts in various colours and qualities, with different surfaces and in different thickness’.

For oversized pictures we manufacture wooden passe-partouts. We also offer printed on or labelled passe-partouts.

Passe-partouts without blank spaces are made for pictures where the edges are an integral part of the whole artwork. But the standard passe-partout comes with a surrounding blank space.

Concerning creative solutions there aren’t any limits. It is possible to use double passe-partouts, spacers between the passe-partout and the glass, or passe-partouts with frosted or printed glass in order to achieve a certain effect.

Protection of your pictures

Before the actual framing will be done it is important to think about the best way to protect your valuable pictures.

We can offer you two different types of protection:

Glass in the following qualities:

  • Float
  • Museum
  • Non-reflective
  • Acrylic glass
  • ESG

Sealing the surface using foil-coating (non-reflective) in the qualities:

  • Gleaming
  • Silky matte
  • Mirror finish
  • Canvas structure smooth
  • Canvas structure rough

In order to achieve the best result, it is important, that the combination of picture, the frame and the passe-partout work together harmoniously.
The artwork must adapt smoothly to the room as a whole entity.

We highly recommend to have art-prints and digital prints laminated to the passe-partout in order to avoid ripples.