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Illuminated objects

Illuminated objects

Effective and efficient illumination of your objects.

For direct and indirect illumination of our objects we prefer LEDs – the technology of the future. Energy-saving, high working life, maintenance-free und low heat loss are their main positive features.

You can choose direct illumination, indirect illumination or surrounding illumination – tell us your ideas and we will work out the best possible solution.

Indirectly illuminated and printed on safety-glass.

Size: 500 x 245 cm

Energy consumption: approx: 150 Watts per hour

Feature: The distance of the glass including LEDs from the wall is only less than 30mm.

Indirect illumination of a framed glass picture.

Size: 290 x 195 cm

Energy consumption: approx: 60 Watts per hour

Indirect illumination of existing objects, converted to LED-technique.

Size: 120 x 215 cm

Energy consumption: approx: 240 Watts per hour, which means a reduction of 40 watts per hour for every object.